How We Expand

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Apartment Delivery Maps provides detailed views of apartment complexes for delivery drivers. Initially, we mapped 229 properties in the Northwest Arkansas region but quickly figured out that we simply had no way to map the rest of the country without help.

In order to extend to nationwide coverage, we were faced with two choices: 1) employ advertising on our site and use a portion of our profits to pay drivers or other individuals to help us map new properties, or 2) launch our site on a member subscription basis and entice our driver members (or stores) to provide mapping assistance in return for subscription credits.

We chose the second option. Mainly, we don't like web advertising. Second, people are less likely to care about the quality of the maps they help produce if their only incentive is cash. Perhaps, most importantly, though, in partnership with our customers, we can grow without having to come up with, perhaps, millions of dollars to invest in growth. We can grow organically. Stores and drivers help create their own information resource.

When someone sends you a link to our site, and you're outside our currently mapped areas, the site will be completely useless to you. Stores everywhere that deliver are prone to compiling printed maps they cobble together however they can. Using our service, you can custom-tailor an online map resource, or order printed booklets to serve your or your store's needs.

Each apartment complex you deliver to can be rough-mapped in anywhere from 10 minutes to a half hour. You supply those rough maps to us for credits against your subscription. We translate them into useful maps and publish them in your area. In this way, a DoorDasher, for instance, could create maps for their area in just a couple of weeks and have free access to our site for many months to come. A store, with more drivers available to do mapping, could get it done in less than a week.

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