About Us (something of a story)

I went to work as a delivery driver for a pizza franchise in 2015. Almost immediately, I had difficulty finding apartments in certain complexes. The architects and builders never considered that delivery people might not be able to use the numbers they placed in difficult-to-see locations. Plus, Google Maps is no help on private property.

On one of my first apartment deliveries, it was nighttime, and I wasted five minutes wandering around unmarked streets. I finally called the store, and my supervisor drove to my location and helped me complete my delivery. I swore I'd never do that again if I could help it. If I only had a map! And that was how the idea for Apartment Maps was born.

The first goal was a booklet of maps for apartments my store delivered to. Having experience in graphic design, I mapped our 20-25 locations and printed booklets within a few weeks, and my fellow drivers loved them. But, what about other stores? Also, could I put the information on the web? And, now that I was thinking bigger, should I consider making a business of it?

Over the next few years, in spare time, I created this web site and mapped nearly 230 apartment complexes in the region of Arkansas where I live. But, if I ever had any chance at making a business of this, I had to be able to map apartments in other towns, cities, and states, and I certainly couldn't do it alone. So, the site had to tailor its information to each driver's location, and I had to figure out a way to pay others to create our maps. As of mid-June 2020, clicking the Search button with no search text will net you 229 records.

I published my first version of aptmaps.us in 2016, and I've updated it, little by little, since then. In early 2020, I began serious design and coding to allow the site to eventually reach a national audience. If you're interested in the chronology, you'll find it under the Change Log link on the home page.

Main Goals

The primary purpose of aptmaps.us is to serve up a single map for a single apartment complex, right when a delivery driver needs it. Drivers can use the main search field on the home page to find any apartment complex in our system.

To simplify this app even further, in August 2020, we added a geolocation function that allows a driver to click once to find the three apartment complexes that are closest to their current location. Wherever you are, just click to see what's nearby. So, if you know the location of an apartment complex already, just drive there, then click to see a map of it.

Searching is drop-dead simple. With either the main search, or the location search, there is only one thing you'll get: a list of locations you can choose from. Just click any one of them to view the map. Here's some Help on Searching.

Once you're viewing the map for an apartment complex, you can click on the "find-it-with-google-maps" button, or on the map, itself, to launch Google Maps to get directions to where it is.

My name is John Allred. I'd love to hear your Comments or Feedback.